Monday, August 10, 2009

Belly Numero Uno

Let me start by saying "Thank you, Sara!!!" for multiple reasons:

She let me paint her belly. HER ACTUAL BELLY!!!

I called her this afternoon to see if she had any ideas for the baby painting, because I hadn't decided if I was going to draw it, paint it or which direction I wanted her to face. She called me back minutes later & suggested that I paint on her belly & take pictures!! Genius! It was a thought I'd had a while ago, but I dismissed it!!! Can you believe that?!?!?!

For taking the time to let me assail you with paint. As you said, it was the first time you'd let another woman touch your belly... and I believe there were some compromising positions, but I digress. :)

For being there, all these years! I think I've known you forever, now.

Your kids were so nice & polite- they asked all kinds of questions and watched in earnest! I was so flattered!!

Oh yea; the BIG ONE: your camera. OMG, can you believe this? Got everything ready- plugged the camera battery in earlier today, grabbed my suitcase, brushes, camera, paints, rags, put everything in, travel to Sara's, start painting and go to take the first shot......

Nothing. The camera won't turn on.


UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!!! How embarrassing! Thankfully, our memory cards were interchangeable, so she let me take some pics on her camera with my memory card. I was so mad at myself. I really wanted to take some cool shots- some black & whites, different angles.. but her camera would only let me take 14 [!!!] pics on my 32MB card and 7 [!!!!!] on my 16 MB card. I was so irritated, but shit happens, right? I got some pics, so I'm happy with that. It turned out good for the first one. It dried pretty quick too, which I was happy about. This paint comes off really easily in a hot shower- so to the ladies whom I'll be painting next: no worries!

Her kiddos got in on the action, and painted their names after I was finished.

Thanks again!! This is the first of many bellies to come!! Cristina, Tracey, Amy, Nicole- YOU are next!! Whether its an actual painting-on-the-belly or a silhouette [like 7 months], I'm very excited. And you should be too.

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