Tuesday, January 09, 2007

what I've got so far....


Elephant [watercolor on paper]

Coffee with Dali [watercolor on paper]

Hurry, Hurry (sugar cubes) [watercolor/oil/acrylic on paper]

Coffee Study #1 [coffee grounds, acrylic on canvas board]

Reaching for a cup [acrylic on canvas]

Ladies in the Rain (series of 3) [watercolor/oil on paper]


6am Coffee [watercolor/oil/acrylic on paper]

Coffee with Frida {Kahlo} [oil, acrylic, watercolor on canvas board]

Ladies in the Rain (series of 2) [oil on canvas]

Mobile- vertical [sculpture- bicycle wheel, compact discs, ?]

Mobile #2- horizontal [sculpture- bicycle wheel, compact discs, ?]


Photography- specific photographs
*coffee martini
*cabinet doors
*coffee shop activities

Map Projects
*Wisconsin/Waukesha County

Event: Manson family murders Folgers' coffee heiress [I have no idea what I'm doing here yet]

Single CD flower/mobiles...

Adaptation: Creation of Adam... 2007


watercolor ladies in the rain

Dali- inspired work



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