Saturday, January 06, 2007

So I'm not as screwed as I thought....

Last night I wasn't ready for sleep when my husband was, so I decided to stay up and "inventory" my work on the coffee project thus far. I am not in too bad of shape- not nearly as bad as I thought I was. I took the time to regroup and re-evaluate what I currently have... [which I forgot to actually write down] and came up with some ideas to expand on the things that I currently have- the ladies [in watercolor and oils], more Dali- referenced/inspirations, a second version of coffee with Frida Kahlo, Specific photograph ideas [oh, Sarah, by the way, can I also borrow your camera?], more coffee/paint studies... and I came up with a new idea to utilize the canvases that I painted so boldly [solid red, blue, yellow and white].

I've come up with a list of supplies that are needed at this immediate moment [camera, vine chalk, film, paint, watercolor paper, sketchbook]. I've also re-written my research strategy... I've scaled it down to what I have and what I hope to accomplish within said project. I'm making better headway than I allot for myself... Of course, I have to allot time for framing... I've given myself a month.. that should be enough time, provided I finish everything...

Until later

peace, love, and apple pots!

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