Tuesday, January 09, 2007

...and the wheel goes round...

I started the wheel/sculptural part of the Coffee Project... I guess I am really lucky that my reguar job lets me bring in my side work so that I can do it on down time between calls.

Anywho, I was working on said wheel, and I stumbled into another version of my original sketch [the original version being set vertically]- this one having the rim set horizontally with the cd's hanging down, much like fringe around a lamp shade. While I was emailing my grampa, I encountered another idea- smaller, much more portable- the single cd, with a small base to hold it- much like a flower- so that it can be set as a centerpiece on a table, without worry of where to hang it.

For the sake of merely my own curiosity, I will be doing the original version, the "alternate" version and the "individual" version... the individual version allows for so much more to be done... then its not really a mobile, but i'll work with it.

Once I am able to take some pictures [yea, I know, get with the program] I will post them for you to view....

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