Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Its a full moon.

What a gorgeous night; clear skies, full moon, coffee project in full swig. (<-That is not a typo)

Yesterday was possibly the most awesome day for the Coffee Project. For several weeks now, the Project has been in the pre-production and research phase. Many sketches have been made, multiple ideas put forth (thanks everyone!). I was feeling confident enough, and a bit excited when I tracked down the future benefactor (well, displayer of my creative things) Katie P. at Espresso Love Coffee. I showed her my preliminary sketches and explained to her my thought processes at the current moment, my motives behind them, and she was thrilled! She was concerned that I keep my style (abstract-ish, focusing on social problems) through everything that I do, but is really excited at where I have been headed so far. I was very skeptical to show her those (what she calls my style) which were centered around social/political unrest, but those happened to be the ones she was most excited to see. I have other ideas for pieces as well, that would fit into my 'kitchy-but-not-too-kitchy' category of all things coffee. (Read: these would most likely be the pieces that people would put into their homes). We talked about posters, duplicating items (in print form- great idea Katie), mediums, the work; it was so very exciting!!!

I have decided to go beyond the initial 12-15 piece fulfillment for the project, instead creating as much as possible, in as many mediums as possible. It won't be all crazy/wierd stuff, but the same thing, in different mediums. Think Andy Warhol, but coffee (multiple prints/different mediums/same picture). These would be the items that would potentially sell, and if I am truly lucky, sell well. I have opted to pursue multiple mediums for the CP (I think I already mentioned this, however), and am excited to announce that I will be adding photography to the project!

Thanks to Sarah for the coffee grinder- I love you! and thanks to mom {carol} for the mortar & pestle; you honestly have no idea how giddy I am to recieve both of those items. Katie P. has also agreed to teach me the finer arts of espresso making and brewing coffee the Turkish way- truly exciting events to be had here. More details will come, as more is experienced. Joe F., my spectacular cousin, has agreed also to be the 'subject matter' when it comes time to start my photography, which really ought to be quite interesting.

I am quite excited at the whole prospect of the project taking off- the enthusiasm for coffee has grabbed hold of my soul and won't let go until I have exhausted every single bean. Fred, my husband, has been poking his head in the coffee project for some time- helping me with research, telling me his ideas (which I can't wait to see- just have to get him to sketch stuff)- has come up with a brilliant idea- coffee from a man's Point of View. At first I was like ookkayy, but then he explained, men are more apt to take their coffee strong, with the sports page and a pack of cigarettes, versus women with their biscotti and muffins. I nearly died laughing! For him to say muffins is hilarious!

So this is where I leave you.... I hope you are as excited about the coffee project as I am. If you have any suggestions or would like to be a part of the project, let me know! I am sure I could put you (or parts of you) somewhere....

Until later,

I will have some coffee with my sugar, thank you very much.

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