Wednesday, July 12, 2006

4 am coffee blog... 07.11.06

4am Coffee Blog 07.11.06

In some ways I never realized before now, coffee was in fact the world's first drug. I have a plate of grounds drying in front of me that I am using in the first of many to come experiments in coffee. You see, now that I have started the coffee project, there can be no stone left unturned. People need coffee; they consume coffee nearly as much as they do water. People want coffee for the feelings it gives them: the coffee 'buzz', the warmth, the memories. To some coffee is coffee, to others, well coffee has flavor, life, passion; it gives us life. For some of us Coffee=Love.

Thinking about my teenage years and what the coffee grounds drying on the plate reminded me of another counterpart- marijuana. I saw many similarities between coffee and the great herbal smoke. For instance, marijuana, just like coffee, is priced by value; the better the quality, the higher the price. Word of its benefits travels fast, but also the attempts to outlaw/ban/regulate the said 'benefit' arrive just as quickly. In the end, its still the farmer who gets fucked (though the fair trade coffees are making headway into that category to make sure that no longer happens; coffee farmers have families too). We use coffee and marijuana in different foods, blends roasting, etc. Smell the aroma, savor the flavors before you consume them. Enjoy the benefits that each has to offer.

For the fact that it is 4am, I also cannot believe that I started in on this subject. There are more possibilities here to explore, but just not at the moment. Need to keep eyes open to pursue; will sleep on it first.

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