Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First blog post; first independent blog. My other blog is on myspace (jessicafuchs), but that is more of a um, shall we say, 'ventilation' system.

I have wanted to start a blog, a serious (?) blog after reading Julie/Julia. Julie had her cooking project, I will have my art project. I am currently in research mode for the Coffee Project. I would like to have a complete art show (12-15 pieces anyway) to show off my skills as an artist and independent researcher. I paint, draw, think, read, write, mother, cook and get up and do it all over again the next day.

Finishing the Coffee Project (as Julie finished the Julia project) will be quite a feat. I too am hoping to have this done in a year or less, preferably less, so I can present it to Katie @ Espresso Love Coffee- the ultimate art collection for the ultimate coffee shop. I have shown my art there before; it was controversial, young (some of it was from high school, with a few new pieces added), and very bright. I have seen the different types of artwork she has in the shop (she rotates monthly) and was completely floored when she agreed to host my artwork. After that it was a mad dash to get it all finished and framed. I am hoping to accomplish the fulfillment of my inner desire of becoming an artist (and making money with it too). So far the 'new' artwork I have done, I have given away; both pieces that I dedicated my time to have been wedding gifts. I don't often take much time to sketch out ideas, but rather they form in my head and only when they are there, persisting to get onto paper or canvas, then will they come out. Sadly enough, I never took photos of the works before they left my hands. I was quite proud of both pieces, taking my time and ensuring I was satisfied with the outcomes before I passed them onto people who I felt would appreciate the art. I will get my hands on a digital camera soon (Mandy can I borrow your camera again?) and get photos up- some of the old, some of the new and in progress stuff.

Now to find someone to teach me how to weld....

Until later- in the meantime, read, write, and stay aware...


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